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A Gentle Reminder

Please take a moment to remember how precious life is...and how uncertain. Do all that you can do each day to brighten someone's day; say "I Love You" to those

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Declaration of Love

As you go about your day today and for the rest of this month, remember this... This day, in particular, I remember that my very nature is Love. When I

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Welcome to a New Year

As the new year begins, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm to read words of "inspiration"! It is your loving

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Gratitude and Love

Blessings, Dear Ones... In the United States, this month is a time of Thanksgiving. A special day is set aside to recount our blessings. Just imagine the strength of the

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Autumn Equinox

What does autumn mean to you? How do you make the transition from one season to the next? Are you aware of the change of weather, the smells, the light?

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Honoring Endings & Beginnings

The events in our lives take us through cycles with a beginning, middle, and end, that then leads us into other cycles. Cycles are not always orderly or obvious, the

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The Gulf Oil Crisis and our own Energies

The crisis in the Gulf coast affects all of us, energetically if not personally, at this time. Many sensitive souls are experiencing the following symptoms: extreme fatigue, incredible crankiness, intensified

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Freedom is a Condition of your Heart.

Freedom is certainly something to celebrate, so why not take a moment to celebrate your own freedoms regardless of flags, colors, and political systems? As the quote above states, "Freedom

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A Love Letter to Haiti

To our beloved sisters and brothers of Haiti, Our hearts are aching for you. To you who are suffering, without food, water, medical care, a place to sleep, or a

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World Sound Healing Day

On Feb. 14 at 12 noon EST (U.S. Eastern Standard Time / New York Time), you are invited to go to the Temple of Sacred Sound to tone the heart

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How to Listen to Your Heart

During this month, as we honor Love in our lives and within our hearts, may we practice the love of self as the basis of the love of others. If

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A Secret Scrolls Message

Ah...November has definitely arrived and winter is upon us. The leaves have fallen, the frost is definitely on the pumpkin and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. November is the

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Three Lessons from Autumn

OCTOBER...HERALDING A SEASON OF CHANGE Greetings! I hope all of you are enjoying the beauty of the fall colors and cooler temperatures wherever you live. The changing of the seasons

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Change & New Beginnings

It seems as though everyone I know is going through some significant change in their life right now. Are there new beginnings in your life, too? Is your child going

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Emotional Independence

Freedom is a condition of your heart. Freedom is certainly something to celebrate, so why not take a moment to celebrate your own freedoms regardless of flags, colors, and political

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Flu Prevention

With the worldwide outbreak of H1 N1 (Swine) Flu and the risk of the pandemic at a critical state, it is imperative that each of us does everything possible to

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In Honor of Mothers

It is with honor and respect that I dedicate this piece on Mothers to the memory of my own Mother, who completed her earthly journey in February of this year.

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Rebirth & Growth

Spring is now unfolding in true full bloom, with new life bursting forth every day. There is much going on around and within us as we emerge into the

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The Secret

Wow...April is already here! How is everyone feeling these days? How are you feeling about the weather, the economy, and your life? Are you feeling the nudge to Spring clean?

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Learn about Lemon Essential Oil

The month of March is all about bringing back the uplifting, fresh scent of lemon! You'll never run out of ways to use this multipurpose essential oil, from cooking and

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The Art of Deliberate Renewal

Today is the day to remember my greatest vision of myself, today is the day to rebirth myself with the Spring. All the seasons have their teachings, but springtime is

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What is Love?

Ask people what love is, and you will get a wide variety of answers. "I love you." These three words mean so much...some of the time. At other times, they

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The Heart of a Woman

Do you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women? Do you also know that the symptoms of heart disease in women can be very different than the

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Dare to Dream

During this month, as we honor Love in our lives and within our hearts, may we practice the love of self as the basis of the love of others. If

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Happy New Year by Design

As you approach the final days of the year, look back, not with sighs of relief that a challenging year is over, but rather with a gentle celebration of gratitude.

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Presence is a Gift

As you embark upon your holiday season, remember that your very "presence" is a gift to the world. It is your willingness to be who you are, to speak the

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An Attitude of Gratitude

You hear about gratitude more and more. Oprah talks about it. Books are written about it. The truth is that when you are in gratitude for all aspects of your

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A Pledge for Grateful Living

This month in the United States, we will celebrate Thanksgiving. During this time of reflection and remembrance, we are called to acknowledge WHY WE ARE HERE, right now in this

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Cold & Flu Season

Did you know that: Cold and flu viruses can live for up to 20 minutes on objects (i.e., phone receivers, door handles, etc). Nearly 44 million lost school/work days and

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Passon Awareness Month

Did you know that statistics show that fewer than 20% of people out there actually love what they do for a living? If you are not part of that 20%,

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

You may have noticed that during the month of October, there is considerable emphasis on Breast Cancer Awareness. Dr. Christiane Northrup suggests an expanded emphasis to include not only cancer

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What is Unity

If you have listened, watched, or read much in the past few weeks about America's current political campaigns, you have heard repeated calls for Unity and a sense of hope.

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Personal Declaration of Independence

During this time when we traditionally celebrate political freedom, I invite you to also think about "inner freedoms" such as freedom of choice; freedom from guilt or shame; freedom from

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Oops… Your Skin is Showing

Although we have moved into the full bloom of spring and we are eager to be in clothing that doesn't cover us from head to toe, our skin may still

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In Honor of Mothers

Spring is now in full bloom, with new life bursting forth every day. Remember that this is still a period of rebirth and continual growth within our environment and within

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Good Vibrations

Spring has arrived. The tulips and daffodils are peeking up in my yard, and the trees are budding. This time of year always brings me much anticipation and hope. It's

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Easter Greetings

It doesn't really matter what religion we are; it is the symbolism surrounding this holy time that is sacred and all-important. The Resurrection shows us that even from the darkest

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Love is All You Need

Love is all you need. I'll say that again :) Love is all you need. How can this be? .... I'll share an amazing and profound secret with you in

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Happy New Year

For this New Year, and for always, I encourage you to create a fulfilling life for yourself from an authentic place of truth and power while moving consciously toward your

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The Twelve Gifts

As you begin your holiday season, I would like to remind you that one of the greatest gifts you can give the world and one another is the presence of

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A Season of Gratitude

Fall has arrived here in the Midwestern United States. Leaves have turned their brilliant colors and then have fallen, creating a leaf blanket on the hills. The air is chilly

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Anti-Viral Tea for Seasonal Sniffles

Ingredients Ginger (helps stimulate a therapeutic sweat. Studies also show that it helps fight against bacterial infections that may develop as a result of the viral infection.) Lemon juice (does

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Living Through Transformation

September heralds the end of summer, and it is a time of pure magic! Everything is changing. Days are becoming shorter. The air is crisper, and fall colors are beginning

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The Freedom of Forgiveness

This is a time when Freedom is celebrated in our country. In addition to political freedom, It is a time to be mindful of the blessing of other freedoms within

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The Logic of Letting Go

Your life is a sacred journey. And it is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly

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Sound Advice

When we talk about "Sound Healing," very often, we envision this occurring in our physical bodies through the use of music, toning, or vibrational healing tools such as tuning forks

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Enhance your Immune System Naturally

NingXia Red™ is a super antioxidant berry juice containing a fruit eaten daily by some of the longest-lived people on earth. This immune-boosting super-juice is designed to maintain and support

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Start a Ripple… Start a Wave

I trust that you are enjoying a whirlwind start to the new year-a period of new beginnings. We must boldly and deliberately forgive and let go of the past. There

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