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Each of us is traveling along the journey that is our life. And in that journey, questions, doubts, challenges and anxieties come from deep within, below mind and body consciousness, though they may perhaps manifest as symptoms within the body. Everyone has ‘spirit’ whether or not they subscribe to religious concepts or beliefs.

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Spiritual counseling and healing, working with body, mind and spirit, will result in YOU finding answers within yourself. It will enable you to achieve inner peace, from which can flow the answers you have sought.

When a client comes to me for help and guidance with certain problems or situations in their life, I offer my gift of intuition, years of study and education and life experiences. My role as a Spiritual Counselor is to create an environment where you feel safe and supported in exploring issues deep within your heart. These issues may be related to joy and happiness, relationships, illness, loss or grief or a whole host of other issues.

My role is not to “fix” problems. Rather, I help clients build a “spiritual toolbox” in which I offer tools such as visualizations, affirmations, intuitive insight and a clear understanding that Unconditional Love and Acceptance of Self is the most important gift that one can build on to address any situation, issue or problem in life. I lead you in exploring the inner source or contributor to pain, emotions or symptoms and different strategies for looking at those issues. Spiritual Counseling may be combined with other modalities, particularly re-balancing of energies.

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Reiki Energy Healing

1 hour for $85

Intuitive Counseling

1 hour for $85

Spiritual Counseling

1 hour for $85

Specific Massage Therapy

1/2 hour for $55
1 hour for $85


1 hour for $85

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Spiritual Counseling

Find the answers to your doubts, fears, questions, and anxieties from within.


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Specific Massage

A hands-on, all-natural approach to physical body healing.


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Energy Healing

I use Universal Life Energy to heal, rebalance, and relax your mind and body.


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I work with the seven main Chakras so you can reconnect and heal.


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I work with your furry friends to help them calm and heal.


Your Heart deserves a

Healing Journey