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Before describing my work as an Intuitive Healer, I would like to provide a brief description of the body’s energy fields. The physical body is a series of related energy systems. In ancient texts, this system is referred to as the Chakras. The word Chakra means wheel of light in the language of Sanskrit. The Chakras are our energy centers.

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There are seven main Chakras in the human energy system, aligned up the spine from the base to the crown of the head. They are non-anatomical vortices—or centers of energy—which exist just outside and within the physical body, which is called the etheric level of the aura (this lies outside of, and inter-penetrates, our physical body).  The aura may be seen and felt by many people, including Intuitive Healers. It is actually the vibration of atoms within each of the energy centers of the Aura that are seen and felt.

The purpose of the Chakra is to filter energy throughout our system so that we have enough vitality to live our lives. Each of the seven Chakras relates to a particular ductless gland and specific organ within the body, supplementing them with life energy channeled from the cosmos and the earth. If one or more Chakra is blocked, life energy will not flow freely through our system, and we can develop physical problems.


The Chakra relates not only to the health energy of the physical body but also to specific emotional issues. Each has encoded within it the pattern of our attitudes which are blocking the life force or allowing it to flow freely. It is our thoughts and attitudes, more than anything else, which block or release the flow of energy through the Chakras.

As an Intuitive Healer, I have the ability to see and sense energy imbalances or blockages inside the body and guide you in the identification of the causes. I then work with the energy fields to shift them back to a more open, balanced state. This more balanced, open system of energy flow results in an improvement in overall wellness and calm. The ability to intuitively scan or sense what is going on within another’s physical body is not new at all, and while considered by many to be New Age, Intuitive Healing is a very, very old art. The power of Intuitive Healing is that it balances the body’s energy structure; a state where natural healing can occur.

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Spiritual Counseling

Find the answers to your doubts, fears, questions, and anxieties from within.


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A hands-on, all-natural approach to physical body healing.


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Energy Healing

I use Universal Life Energy to heal, rebalance, and relax your mind and body.


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I work with the seven main Chakras so you can reconnect and heal.


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I work with your furry friends to help them calm and heal.


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